noo-gah! – The first ‘Gamified’ Social Media Platform in India & Middle East

Today, coherent voices are drowning in the chaos of the digital social realm. In a polarised world where ‘dialogues’ take extreme turns; the need of the hour seems to be streamlined conversations. Even in the virtual world, rational opinions can influence thinking. In order to leverage the power of thoughts, an ambitious social media app titled ‘noo-gah!‘ has recently made its foray in the market. Positioned as an equal opportunity, neutral platform, the opinion aggregator will allow for seamless sharing of opinions, thoughts, ideas and starting a discourse with a global audience. Available to both Android and iOS users, the app has been infused with elements of gamification and innovative loyalty rewards. The beautifully designed user-friendly interface requires users to set-up their profile and begin using the app by uploading 2 min videos with their opinion on a wide array of topics. noo-gah! members can engage with the opinions shared on the app and reply in the form of text or videos. noo-gah! is the brainchild of two distinct personalities from opposite ends of the spectrum in age and experience. On one end is an acclaimed brand strategist for global brands, Sanjai Velayudhan who brings to the table 23 years of diverse market experience. Sanjai has been instrumental behind product strategies for mega brands, designing gamified and technology-based elements to increase customer engagement and satisfaction. He is also the author of the acclaimed novel ‘Dance of the Spirits’. On the other end is co-founder Nakshatra Sanjai, a dynamic GEN Z, 19-year-old student, NIFT-ian and amateur passionate photographer who brings in a creative, unadulterated, brave perspective to the table. The duo has come together to give life to the idea of ‘leveraging the power of opinions’ via noo-gah! The app aims at moving away from the curtains of fan bases and other superficial sharing, and provides individuals a podium to talk about things that matter, voice their opinions and play a part in bringing about positive change. Commenting on the launch, Sanjai Velayudhan, Founder at noo-gah!, said, “Every change that the world has witnessed has been driven by words, opinion & thought leadership. And hence, we felt it was essential that opinions should be given a platform. With noo-gah!, our aim is to provide a podium for these change-makers.” Adding further, Nakshatra Sanjai, Co-founder at noo-gah!, said, “It is no surprise that young people are influenced by social media but amidst the superfluous clutter, individual voices were getting drowned. noo-gah! was born out of the desire to use the boom in social media to bring out the conversations that are more than mere entertainment.” noo-gah! aims at heading towards being one of the most promising platforms in the global social media market with their pioneering gamification and distinguished facilitation for conversation sharing. The beta version of the app went live on 20th July for Android and iOS users and is being downloaded & used my members with positive feedback.

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