Online Astrology Goes Mainstream; AstroYogi to Add 8,000 New Astrologers

Online Astrology
AstroYogi, India’s largest astrology consulting service provider and an aggregator connecting over 7,000 astrologers with 4 million users globally, recently announced that the platform is set to add 8,000 new astrologers by 2020, increasing its service capability to 15,000 astrologers. “With the vision to serve the community of astrologers in India and connect them with the world, we have invested significantly in developing a tech-led platform to tap into the burgeoning astrology industry in the world,” said, Meena Kapoor, CEO, and Co-founder of AstroYogi.L to R: Miss Meena Kapoor CEO & Co-founder of AstroYogi, Actress Sonam Kapoor, Actor Dulquer Salman Astrology industry in India poses an INR 30,000 crore opportunity, and AstroYogi has been growing at the rate of 300% year on year. The company has emerged as the largest astrology platform in the country with offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. AstroYogi is servicing clients across Indian and international markets, including the United States and Africa. “Astrologers associated with AstroYogi are equipped with the best available technology and products to address the global demand for astrology services. We shall have over 15,000 astrologers serving a target customer base of 7 million by 2020 through our pioneering cloud telephony platform,” Meena further added. The company’s pioneering platform, Talk to Astrologers was launched 3 years back, and is available in 85 countries worldwide, in 11 languages and diverse expertise of premium astrology professionals. AstroYogi specializes in personal readings, Vastu consulting, and horoscope matches. Recently, the company forged an association with the upcoming Sonam Kapoor movie, Zoya Factor as their astrology partner. “It is heartening to witness the Bollywood industry recognizing the credibility of AstroYogi and partnering with us,” Meena shared.

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