Pure Saiva: Vegetarian, Environmentally Friendly Cuisine

This is a review of the restaurant Pure Saiva (https://puresaiva.com) by Paidammah Apalanaidu. A few weeks back we went to Pure Saiva, a restaurant near PJ State. Are you a vege lover? If yes, then you too should visit this shop. Each meal costs only RM10.80 which includes, rice, rasam, chutney (thovayil), majjiga mirapakaaya (mooru milagai), urumkai, payasam, gravy and three other vegetables of your choice. The photo above is my plate. I tried all the vegetables in small amounts (they are not included in a set – as in not in the set of RM10.80). There is sambal tofu, bendakaya vepudu (bendi poriyal), sambal petai, pumpkin masala (pumpkin perratal), green beans, maamidikaya pachadi (maangaai pachadi), aratikaya kura (vazhakkai kootu) and beans sprouts. Looks tempting right? Then you should definitely visit this place one day. I tried their kesari too. Lupa la nak ambil gambar sebab nampak sedap sangat, we pun terus makan. 😁 Another interesting thing about this shop is that they provide a ‘Cleaning Station’ where we need to clean our own plate and separate the waste, plates, cups and utensils. In this way, they are reducing the man power required to run the shop. It’s a good way actually. Thank you to Muru Sir and Teacher Komathi for the ice cream. We are eating this for the first time. By the way, it was a handmade vegan ice cream by kelava.my, which used plant based ingredients with kelapa as its base ingredient. It costs RM9+ each. They have variety of flavours like chocolate, cookies and cream, wild berries, salted gula melaka etc. Overall we were satisfied, it was a clean and relaxing atmosphere, and a good value for money too! #kitajagakita #kitasupportkita

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