Homemade Pure Spice Powders for Better Cooking

Indian housewives have high suspicion of their bought curry powders. Additives, preservatives, MSG …. ever since our parents moved from grinding their own spices to buying ready-made powders, this suspicion has been lingering in our kitchens and during our dining sessions. Like many other Indian ladies who cook a lot but don’t have the time to make spice powders from scratch, finding home made original spice blends is such a relief. Not that we will only cook with authentic spice powders after this, but knowing they exist and knowing that we have a reliable source to procure them is indeed comforting. Last year, we came across Homemade Sena’s Spice Blend and was so thrilled to learn about the expertise and know-how that went into the whole range of spice powders they offer. They even had the ‘Prasava Powder’ which is a special blend for dishes prepared during confinement, something that is so precious at a time and age where knowledge in traditional confinement care is very very difficult to find. Among the ingredients are Bentong ginger and neem flowers, ingredients much acclaimed for their nutritional value. We were really impressed with the knowledge that went into making these spice powders, not to mention the effort and entrepreneurship that goes into ensuring each blend arrives fresh to our doorsteps. As everyone knows, authentic spices lend such great taste and aroma to our food, in addition to the huge nutrition and health value they confer. We tried a number of dishes using the spice blends, and the difference in the dishes using these freshly blended pure spice powders is obvious. A dash of turmeric, a pinch of fennel or a scoop of kurma powder can turn an otherwise boring, mundane dish into an aromatic, colorful and appetizing deal. Those who love to cook with clean, original ingredients will definitely love this. As an added bonus, Homemade Sena’s Spice Blends are gluten-free, making them a perfect choice for those with gluten intolerance. To know more about Homemade Sena’s Spice Blend, visit their Facebook Page.

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