Ugadhi Under Lock Down: A New Experience

Sarvari Nama Samvatsara Ugadhi Subakankchalu everyone! Today, Telugus celebrate Ugadhi. It is our new year. The mood of course is rather sombre. COVID-19, a pandemic that is sweeping half the world has started to rage in many places. Consequently, many cities and provinces, and entire countries are placed under lockdown. In Malaysia, the Government has put in place the Movement Control Order (MCO) which is a lighter version of a complete lock-down with only businesses supplying essential services allowed to remain open and citizens not allowed to hold any gatherings or travel for unauthorized purposes. At the same time, health authorities urge everyone to observe a number of practices from social distancing to washing hands to ensuring that people stay at home and be wary of symptoms of COVID-19. So this year, there isn’t much ado about Ugadhi as temples are not open, and procuring the many ingredients needed for more elaborate cooking is now beset with new challenges. However, The Vajram took this opportunity to look at the symbolism of Ugadhi amid such unprecedented times, and the best way to do this is perhaps look at the symbolic dish of Ugadhi, the Ugadhi Pachadi. The six tastes used to create the dish reflect the six most common experiences/emotions we go through in life – happiness, sadness, unpleasantness, anger, fear and surprise. A dish that is indeed very apt for the times everyone is going through right now.
To make it more interesting, The Vajram has put all these thoughts into a video hosted by our Editorial staff on Youtube.  So peeps, do share your experiences, emotions and thoughts as you go through these weeks and months. In the meantime, let’s hope that like all challenges in life, this too eventually passes and is replaced by better times!

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