RAW NTR Starts 365 Days Food Donation Program Across Telugu States

RAW NTR (RAW Helping Hands), an initiative started earlier this year by actor NTR, has begun its ‘365 Days Food Donation Program’ across Telugu states (Andhra Pradesh & Telangana) and also across a few areas in Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

Their main motto for this event is to serve the needy daily within their own strength. In this program daily, team members of RAW NTR across several areas in Telugu states are going to serve breakfast/meals/groceries/fruits to orphanages, road side poor people, old age homes, blind schools, children who were in real need. For that team has divided accordingly to their respective area and entire work will be coordinated through whatsapp groups thoroughly. They’re going to continue this program for lifetime. This event started from June 13th 2021. Anyone can register in welfare website and fill out the necessary details which they had mentioned in it, can ‘Become a volunteer’, who helps people in tough times. The registration is free for everyone. They’ll collect all the data which they received from the people who are ‘Ready to donate’ and who ‘Urges for the blood’. Keeping their backend work aside, they are going to integrate people who have filled their data in website for the blood in that particular requirement. It’s free of cost. Meanwhile, they’ll collect the responses from the public and link-up those people with their current team in that particular area and directs them to donate food as a part of 365 Days Food Donation Program across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in several areas. There are nearly 100+ Whatsapp groups with them, based on area wise across Telugu states. People can help them in the midst of disasters, blood or plasma requirements or any social information which is useful for the needy people.

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