Our Response to Circumstances: How the Outcome Is in Our Hands

COVID-19 has taken the world by the storm. So many lives were lost, jobs were lost, borders were closed and much more. In a word, life has turned upside down. There aren’t nearly as many smiles around us anymore. The fear of losing has left people with no choice but to self-isolate with a deep and sharp pain, anxiety, fear and worry. There is simply no clarity anymore. Both about ourselves and the future. Negativity seems to have dominated our thoughts. If we don’t escape from these thoughts, we might fall into anxiety and depression. It’s probably the right time for us to stop and reflect back on what is it in life that we want? What outcome are we looking for? We are entitled to success and happiness, aren’t we? I notice that a lot of us feel that the circumstances around us are making us unhappy and giving us stress. It may not be entirely wrong, but then again how is it possible for some people out there to still be going strong and running their lives happily – amidst their circumstances? Because, in reality, it’s not the circumstances but our reaction to it that determines the outcome. E + R = O (Event + Response = Outcome) If we want to change our current state of mind, it’s high time we change the way we respond to the events that happen in our life. Because, that’s the basic idea here. Every outcome that we experience in our entire life has always been the results of how we responded to it. Our basic emotions. It has always been our choice. A choice that we have a control over. If we have not been responding well till now, let’s change it. It may take some time for us to change our mindset, but it’s never too late if we start from today.

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